Drop Shot

Adam Shield and Thomas Whittle

17th November until 30th November 2017

MONOMATIC presents Drop Shot, a collaborative project between Adam Shield and Thomas Whittle. The exhibition includes all new work made whilst in residence at Fettes College. The work encompasses screen-printed elements alongside linocuts and drawn images. This new work builds a landscape of characters, isolated objects and abstract patterns that collectively suggest a cobbled-together narrative. This cut and paste approach is explored through the wall-mounted work that stop-start as returning motifs morph and merge. Along side this, Sniff Sniff- a one-off artist book including prints and drawings, presents the raw working elements of Drop Shot. These sketches of ideas play with repetition, variation and sequence in a way unique to the book format.

Shield and Whittle have been making work collaboratively for a number of years. First, they sent artworks to each other using the post, exchanging ideas from their studio and looking after each other’s work. They then started to work collaboratively on small publications and founded Long Distance Press as a way of continuing their work together. Drop Shot is their first exhibition of collaborative works - the title derived from their practice of back and forth, rebounding and returning.